LoviSil Cable Joints

November 9, 2011

Cable Services now stock the LoviSil cable joints.

Lovink Enertech LoviSil cable joints boast more than 20 years of proven field experience with a reliability rate of more than 99.9%. Thanks to the LoviSil insulating material the joint is particularly suitable for application with both Polymeric and Paper cables. Not only is it the ideal transition joint, it can also be used as a universal joint with excellent results. LoviSil joints provide many unique user advantages for customers in different sectors. Energy companies benefit from exceptional reliability, Docks and Harbour Authorities from the enhanced moisture resistance, and Chemical Companies and Refineries benefit from the flame-free installation and good chemical resistance.

A Single Joint for Every Application

Due to the LoviSil joints unique module system all conceivable jointing applications are possible. They are suitable for poly/poly, paper/paper and poly/paper.

  • 11-22kV 1C-1C 95-630mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C AND 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Branch and Loop Joint
  • 11-22kV 1C, 3C and 3X1C 95-630mm and 95-300mm Stop End Joint

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LoviSil Cable Joint