Cable Termination

October 19, 2011

Cable Services are distributor of Tyco, 3M and Pfisterer cable termination products and components. Over the years we have acquired a wide expertise in the installation and technical know how of cable terminating products.

Our vast experience coupled with stocks unequalled anywhere in the UK makes Cable Services the only choice for Medium Voltage Cable Termination products.

We have recently launched our cable termination micro site as a resource for specific manufacturers information on the range of mv cable terminating, which provides in depth information and specifications.

The range encompasses:

Tyco IXSU-F and OXSU-F

These are used for polymeric cables up to 42kV. They are heat shrinkable medium voltage terminations for indoor and outdoor applications.

Tyco TFTI and TFTO Cold Applied Termination

For single core polymeric cables up to 42kV cold shrink medium voltage terminations for indoor and outdoor applications.

Tyco Armour Earthing

The armour wires of paper or plastic cables can be terminated to earth using mechanical clamping rings.

Tyco Solderless Earth Connection

Copper tape screens on plastic cables can be earthed mechanically by using Raychem’s solderless earth kit. The kit comes complete with a tinned copper braid and a mechanical roll spring for each conductor.

Tyco Single Solderless Earth Connection

For 3 core paper lead cable and 3 core corrugated aluminium sheathed cable.

Tyco Heat Shrink Insulating Boots

These are a set of 3 for up to 17.5kV.

Tyco Cold Applied Inline or Right Angle Flexy Boots

These are a set of 3 for up to 17.5kV.

Tyco Cable Box Extension Glands

Tyco Support Bracket and Insulators

For up to 36kV these are pole mounted termination.

3M Cold Shrink System QT111 Termination

One piece silicone rubber.

Termination Accessories from 3M

These include: Cold Applied Barrier Boots 11kV, Cold Applied Flexy Barrier Boots, Cable Box Extension Glands, 11kV Earthbonding Kit and Constant Force Springs.

Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Termination

CONNEX MV and HV Range for termination of 10kV to 52kV

Raychem Screened Separable Connector System

Separable connectors for 800amp up to 24kV