Duct Seals and Duct Sealing Kits

August 5, 2011

Cable Services are distributors of the CSD Rise and Tyco Raychem Rayflate duct seals and duct sealing kits:

CSD RISE Duct Seal – Water, Gas and Fire Tight
Tyco Duct Sealing – RDSS Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System

CSD RISE Duct Seal

The RISE Duct Seal is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system, delivering proven technology and lifetime performance. It provides an effective and simple solution to all fireproof, gas tight and watertight duct sealing requirements. It consists of only two components: RISE rubber insert sleeves, used to guarantee cable separation and as a backing for the sealant layer, and FIWA sealant, a high quality silicone based, fire resistant, water repellent sealant which consequently makes the system quick and easy to install.

Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System

Unsealed cable pipes and ducts need not to cause dampness and flooding in substation basements, cable vaults and access manholes.

In these environments rust, corrosion and a humid environment inevitably result in damage to support structures, metal work and electrical equipment. The most common route for water to enter into such installations can be blocked simply and effectively by a field proven technique developed by Raychem.

The Rayflate Duct Sealing System (RDSS) has been designed for use on power cables to provide a watertight seal when used with plastic, concrete or steel ducting systems.

Once installed the Rayflate duct seals can provide operators with immediate access in clean and dry conditions, eliminating the routine of pumping manholes dry before work can begin.

Eliminates the need to pump manholes dry, avoids ingress of mud into ducts, and withstands severely polluted environments.