Cable Lugs and Cable Connectors

The Cable Services Group supply and stock a wide range of cable lugs and connector products from Tyco Electronics, Cembre, Prysmian and BiCon. View our product range >

The range encompasses:

LV Compression Connectors from Cembre (BiCon)

These are uninsulated copper terminals low voltage rated (600/1000V) .
> View PDF Data Sheet

MV Compression Connectors from Cembre and Prysmian (BiCon)

These are uninsulated copper terminals medium voltage rated (up to 33kV) .
> View PDF Data Sheet

2 and 4 Hole Lugs from Cembre

Range of two and four cable lugs.
> View PDF Data Sheet

Medium Voltage Mechanical Lugs

Wide range of medium voltage cable mechanical lugs for use up to 42kV.
> View PDF Data Sheet>

Medium Voltage Shear Bolt Connectors from Tyco Electronics

Medium voltage up to 42kV. These connectors are water blocked and circular stranded copper & aluminium conductors.
> View PDF Data Sheet>

Mechanical Connectors

Mechanical cable connectors ideal for low voltage application.
> View PDF Data Sheet

Pre Insulated Crimp Terminals from Cembre

These pre insulated crimp terminals are the ‘F’ range funnel entry type.
> View PDF Data Sheet

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